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Finding Happy

A heartbroken woman saves an injured baby sparrow forging a once-in-a-lifetime bond that inspires an uplifting journey around the world to explore unique human-animal relationships and find the heart of true connection.

Finding Happy is a heartfelt and uplifting feature-length documentary about survival, strength, compassion, hope, connection, and love, told through the unlikely bonds formed between humans and animals.

May 6th, 2020. Isolation and fear were gripping the entire world during the worst days of the pandemic. People everywhere were looking for any beacon of hope -- and so was one woman, Maria, whose life had been crashing down around her.

Then, one day while she was out for a run, she spotted an injured one-day old sparrow lying on the ground. She picked him up, intending to help him, not realizing how much he would help her and that he would become that sliver of hope she, and so many others, needed.

Image by Simon Wilkes


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