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After his companion cat gets sick, determined filmmaker sets out on a world-wide journey to uncover the truth about pet food.


Through inspirational stories and experts research, he learns that animal-based pet food presents health hazards to our companion animals, and switching them to a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet can prevent most diseases and help them live fuller and longer lives. 


During his journey, he also begins questioning the wilderness of our domesticated pets, uncovers the massive environmental damage animal-based pet food has on our planet, and unearths the lack of regulations that make everything possible.

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Cuori Liberi


After the horrific and heartbreaking event that took place in Italy on September 20th , raising awareness about sanctuaries has become urgent, timely, vital. 

The film documents the events around September 20th, 2023: the killing of nine innocent pigs, the disproportionate use of violence against those who defended them, and the ensuing struggle to obtain justice.

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Finding Happy

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Finding Happy is a heartfelt and uplifting feature-length documentary about survival, strength, compassion, hope, connection, and love, told through the unlikely bonds formed between humans and animals.

May 6th, 2020. Isolation and fear were gripping the entire world during the worst days of the pandemic. People everywhere were looking for any beacon of hope -- and so was one woman, Maria, whose life had been crashing down around her.

Then, one day while she was out for a run, she spotted an injured one-day old sparrow lying on the ground. She picked him up, intending to help him, not realizing how much he would help her and that he would become that sliver of hope she, and so many others, needed.

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Kinder Chefs

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Inspiring journeys of talented chefs from a traditional way of cooking to a kinder one where food not only looks great and tastes amazing, but also supports the people eating it, sustains our planet, and is kind to animals.

Each episode follows a chef through their journey from a traditional way of cooking to a kinder one where food not only looks great and tastes amazing, but also supports and sustains the people eating it and our planet.


The stories are intimate and relatable allowing the audience to empathize with the protagonists, the food is stunning, colorful, and the cinematography reflects that, captivating the viewers and inspiring them to change the way they look at food.

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A Day in the Life of a Farmed Animal is a collective project that empowers people around the world to speak up for farmed animals, share their stories, show their personalities, and raise awareness about the unnecessary suffering they go through every single day.


Film a moment in the day of a farmed animal (either in captivity or rescued) that you find important to share with others, use your camera or your phone (landscape mode) to tell his or her story through visuals and sounds, then upload your footage on our website.

Your footage will become part of a movie that will premiere on World Farmed Animals Day, October 2nd, and will tell an intimate and truthful story of what farmed animals go through during the arc of a 24-hour day.

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We are a production company dedicated to end animal suffering.
Our mission is to
inform people about animal abuse, inspire them to change, and empower them to take action.

Your support is vital for our work.

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