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In 2022, 9.38 million cows were abused to produce milk in the US.

Too may people are in the dark when it comes to dairy. The assumption that cows make milk for us and that they do not suffer during the process has been widely accepted due to a massive marketing campaign by the dairy industry, which aims to hide the truth.

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Image: Dominion

We plan to do exactly the opposite - expose the truth and make it available to everyone. We inform people of what hides behind a glass of milk or piece of cheese or stick of butter or an ice cream.

The Truth About Dairy is the first video of the No More Dairy campaign. Watch the film below, share it with family and friends, talk about what is really happening to cows around the world.

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Image: Dominion

With your support we can help put and end to the suffering of millions of innocent animals whose lives are taken away each year for absolutely no good reason.

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